Sustainable business starts with visualising today and understanding the risks and opportunities of tomorrow.

We visualise complex dynamics and model future scenarios with spatial insights and business analytics from space.

Every step towards sustainability is a step in the right direction. But where to start and how to measure your impact?

We help corporates, production facilities and financial organisations to accelerate their transition towards sustainability by providing powerful spatial insights for corporate strategy, business tactics, planning, investigations, trading and policy making. Clear, actionable maps and information products that show where and how you can best invest in sustainability, and the impact of your efforts.

Make the sustainability challenge a positive one. In our opinion, too much focus is on what is going wrong, instead of what is done right. We believe many corporates can greatly improve and have a big impact with only limited investment, just by doing the right thing at the right location.

What are your challenges to become a more sustainable business? Please contact us for a (virtual) coffee to find out if there is a match.

Products & Services Strategic business information for sustainability and climate challenges

Risk & Opportunity Mapping

Risk & Opportunity Mapping

What are the risks associated with new production sites or sustainability projects? Where lie the opportunities for new sustainable business? We can map environmental, climate, engineering and social factors on various scales to provide you with clear maps of the risks and opportunities in your region of interest.

Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis

What is the impact of your plan, idea or project on the environment, both spatially and over time? We can map the impact of for example your production plant, agricultural sites or land restoration and reforestation projects on local, regional or even international scale using satellite imagery and environmental data.

Scenario Modelling

Scenario Modelling

Based on historical data and a clear overview of the current situation, we can predict future scenarios and model various situations. For example, we can estimate the impact of new sanitary waste facilities and renewable energy plants on the environment to help you make informed decisions.

Baseline Mapping

Baseline Mapping

From land cover classifications to the detection of open waste dumps, virtually anything that is visible from space can be mapped. Using artificial intelligence / machine learning techniques we can automatically detect a range of objects, materials and vegetation types. Maps can be produced once or multiple times to detect changes and trends over time.

Site Suitability Analysis

Site Suitability Analysis

Whether you want to build a new industrial site or start growing crops in a new region, we can help you determine the most suitable location. Based on your requirements we combine terrain characteristics with environmental, climate and demographic risk parameters and visualise the optimal locations in clear maps that are easy to understand.

Value Assessment

Value Assessment

An important step in sustainability is quantification and validation. We can quantify the value of for example crops and carbon storage. In addition, we can perform validations on sustainability projects and assess whether project targets have actually been met and return on investment has been realised.

Our mission is to help corporates making the transition towards sustainability.

Domains Our primary fields of focus

Food & Beverage | Consumables

Risk & Opportunity Mapping

Companies in both the Food & Beverage and Consumables domains face many challenges related to sustainability, from more sustainable ingredient sourcing to water-efficient production and dealing with waste streams.

We can compare the risks and opportunities of potential sourcing or production sites, assess and evaluate the effect of new sustainability initiatives, or visualise the impact of your plans in a clear and concise manner.

FEMSA, Verstegen Spices & Sauces, Heineken and Multi Bintang Indonesia are some examples of companies that already work with us on sustainability challenges. Are you the next one we can help to improve?



Many new sustainability initiatives start with investments. The financial industry therefore plays an important role to accelerate the transition towards sustainability.

We provide risk and opportunity maps and perform value assessments on initiatives around the globe. Whether a sustainable agriculture project or insurance-related challenge, we transform spatial information into value assessments that can be used to make informed decisions.

Organisations such as 2SCALE and Rabobank have already been making use of our maps, graphs and calculations. Can we help you visualise added value as well?

Maritime & Offshore

Maritime | Oil & Gas

The maritime & offshore industries are responsible for a significant portion of global emissions and have many opportunities to improve or compensate for these emissions. We can help to perform impact analysis and identify potential sites for environmental protection projects that compensate for greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, we can identify and prioritise for example dredging locations and estimate water depth and water quality based on satellite imagery.

We aim to make existing spatial data technologies accessible to new markets.

Clients & Partners Some of the organisations and partners we work with

About Background and the team of 52impact

Unique blend of expertise

52impact was founded in 2017 on the 52° latitude and transforms spatial imagery and data into actionable maps and information products. We are experts in developing, presenting and commercialising spatial data products and services for new markets. In short, we make complex (space) technology meaningful and beautiful.

What sets us apart from others is our unique blend of expertise: technology/engineering, business and communication. We can communicate with and understand directors, scientists, managers and software developers and bridge the gaps between them.

From complex information to practical solutions

At 52impact we connect the dots of geo & space technologies and are able to structure and present information in a clear and concise way.

Our core team of professionals are data engineers and business experts who know how to translate complex information needs to practical information solutions. Solutions that are viable from both a technical and commercial perspective. Combined with years of experience with tech projects and a large network of professionals this makes us a flexible and reliable partner for your challenge.



Sabine de Milliano

Co-owner / Director

Strategy, finance, operations, chief creativity


Thijs Perenboom

Data Consultant

Team lead, problem solver, technology champion


Maurits Kruisheer

Geoscience Specialist

Earth science expert, product developer, lord of the data


Koen Verberne

Co-owner / Director

Strategy, service developer, R&D, chief projects


Amanda Kruijver

Technical Business Developer

Sustainability protagonist, technology translator


David Teruel

Environmental Data Specialist

Natural resources guru, product developer, data scientist


Internship opportunities


Looking for a challenging internship in an inspiring, dynamic environment? We offer tailor-made internships for technical university students on topics such as: machine learning for land cover classification, geodata visualisation technologies, and monitoring water resources from space.

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Why work at 52impact?

Van Nelle Fabriek

At 52impact we offer you an extraordinary working environment. A chance to be part of the development of a young company with plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth. Since we are still small, you can really make a difference in reaching our goals.

As creative pioneers in geodata & space technology applications, we enjoy working together with great people in an open-minded, friendly atmosphere.

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